Borderlines and Boundaries

free verse, Metaphysical, Spiritual

If we are not careful
our lives turn into nothing more
than borderlines and boundaries.

If we are not careful
these borderlines and boundaries
splinter our sense of reality
and cause us to see separation
when there is only connection.

If we are not careful
our lives end up having more limits
than possibilities to grow into.

How can all this be?
It’s easy.
We decide that our life is about judging
rather than simply experiencing
whatever we encounter in life.

We form preferences that exclude
fresh new experiences.
And from these preferences
habits and conditioning grow
that we take to be who we are.

That is not who we are.
We are that which comes before
all preferences, habits, and conditioning.
We are boundaryless beings
without independent form
that cannot be separated from all else
we consider to be the universe.

Contrary to what we may think
reality is not a fixed thing
with clear starting and stopping points.
Rather it is more like the sky, a river, a conversation,
or a loose thought or feeling
that flows without fixed boundaries.

If we are not careful
our borderlines and boundaries rob us
of our joy, well-being, and happiness,
and they leave us barren
of the very life we seek.

Be the boundaryless being that you are.

15 thoughts on “Borderlines and Boundaries

  1. Rax,

    Thanks so much. That is exactly what I had in mind with this poem.

    By the way, because of you, I found GotPoetry? and just created a poetry page there. Thanks for that.

  2. wow such wisdom and insight delivered in beautiful imagery. I love this line: “Rather it is more like the sky, a river, a conversation,” such an apt description for cutting loose from all things that bind, box us in, so we may be free to breathe.

    thank you for your kind comments on afterglow, actually i came by your blog because of soulless’ recommendation. I have already linked you to my other blog soulphantasm and will do the same to afterglow 🙂

  3. Sue Ann…So much symbolism has been associated with both light and darkness in cultures across the world. Most darkness symbols see the darkness as something to be feared and at best tolerated until the light returns. Our visual sense has a lot to do with this. In the darkness, we cannot see, or at least not as well as in the daylight. I think the blind would have a quite different view on darkness. We must navigate the darkness through our senses of smell and hearing.

    I hope you stop back at some point in your journey around the blogworld.

  4. Thanks Sue Ann, Dan, Gautami, Andrew, and Quasar. Very much appreciated. Always advice to myself…everything I write.

  5. Alas Don,
    that is the state we all ‘seek’ to achieve
    but not so easy to detach oneself from pain or disease
    caught in the human shell of inevitable age and decay
    I wonder who pulled the switch that controls every cell
    if only one could with the Mind alone all suffering dispel
    but alas we are caught in the nody as if in a magic spell

  6. I find your poetry beautiful, thank you for sharing it. I found that claiming the Darkness, is what inspires our Divinity to come forth from within us.

  7. Thanks Nasra. We create so many divisions in our world; unneccesary one. We slice the universe in terms of gender, race, income, political parties, and so much more. It’s all connected…

  8. Thanks Floots. This is a very Buddhist nondual view of reality. No worldview can be lived 100%. You wouldn’t want to anyway…

  9. nice write
    i agree with you on this – though in what seems like a contradiction i also subscribe to robert frost’s “good fences make good neighbours” ideas

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