Second Printing of Stilling the Waters Released

Stilling the Waters, Text

I am pleased to announce that BookSurge Publishing just released the second printing of Stilling the Waters, my first poetry book, which was first published in 2005. The first edition of the book sold very well. I was encouraged by the publisher to make some changes in the book’s look and organization.

Stilling the Waters is now available on and other online bookstores.

(Click on image to enlarge it)

4 thoughts on “Second Printing of Stilling the Waters Released

  1. Thanks Aurora and Gautami. The first book came out in 2005. It sold well and so we decided to go with a second printing.

    Aurora, no secrets. They are against my religion. 🙂

    Gautami, a graphic artist (Kathy Rend) in South Carolina helped me with the cover. I provided the general layout, the photos to work with and the text, and Kathy created the final version.

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