2:47 AM: Imagining Life

free verse, Metaphysical

So many thoughts at 2:47 AM.
Mostly loose ones,
drifting like ghosts
in and out of you.
All as fugitive as breath, yet
some presenting themselves
as incarnate as rays of sun,
lingering at sunset.
We know better,
or at least we should.
We can be closer to ourselves
when we’re captured
by moments like this.
Night moments, when
it’s quiet enough
to hear the house sigh,
and you can glimpse
another side of yourself–one
demanding the utmost gentleness
before it will show itself.
But even that disappears,
like the dream awakening you
in the first place.
You wonder what really holds us–
here in this moment.
It all seems so fragile.
Not in the sense of shattering
like a glass slipping from your hand, but
more like a mirage on a hot summer day.
One moment it’s here, and then
it’s gone in the next.
Just like life.

15 thoughts on “2:47 AM: Imagining Life

  1. Nasra,

    Thanks so much. The book launch is going well. Had a really good reading last week and look ahead at some in the near future. Best wishes and I will keep everyone posted.

  2. I love how you used All as fugitive as breath

    magical and captures you …Im well thank you and how is it going with the book launch…and events to promte your book…

    Hope you write bits of that as we here who are far wish to join you on this launch

  3. Thanks Borut, Gautami, and Polona. Enjoy your “mirage” today, and may it be filled with overpowering rays of light, hope and love.

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