Getting Past Ourselves

free verse, Metaphysical, Spiritual

Our biggest struggles
in life
are with ourselves.

Some escalate
into battles, and some
into life-long wars
that take
the best part
of who we are.

when we lose
that part
of ourselves,
the struggles deepen,
causing the battle lines to grow,
exposing more of us
to even more
of what consumes us,
breaking us down,
and ultimately destroying
any hope we have
for peace.

The answer is
always the same,
and that is to surrender;
letting go of all
that causes us to struggle,
including even
our desire for peace.
For as long
as we struggle
even for peace,
we remain
at war with ourselves.

12 thoughts on “Getting Past Ourselves

  1. Thanks Kathleen. We are advised throughout life to not give up without a fight. As I think back, in many cases I would have been better served by giving up the fight and just moving into life, propelled with the twin engines of my heart and mind.

  2. Thanks Floots and Pat. I appreciate your comments.

    The fight, as we all know, is only over when we give it up. In most cases, there is no winning in most fights with ourselves. The answer is to surrender the fight and live in peace with ourselves.

    Pat, hope you get your R&R.

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