Never Close Enough

free verse, Nature

It’s hard at times
to feel close enough
to Mother Nature.
Even when draped
in her glorious colors,
dazzled by her magic, and
overtaken by her beauty each spring.

It’s hard at times
to feel close enough
to Mother Nature.
Perhaps I expect too much, and
want to hold onto
what belongs to everyone,
but really no one.

Maybe I dally too long
in the wake
of the precious Mother’s waves of glory
that lap at me until
I submit to her persistent advances.

And then,
once I am hers,
resting comfortably in her arms,
she sets me down,
only to pick up another child.

14 thoughts on “Never Close Enough

  1. Zettabyte

    A wild rambling rose of a woman,
    with a smoky smile and jaunty hips.
    Tan as a summer’s day.

    Brisk, bracing, brusque.
    Like a March wind.

    Cool air pours off a sheer blue glacier.

    Ice lipped steel bergs
    Way down under…

    Pieces of the sky
    scattered over the glassy waters of a lake.

    Mirror world lake reflected.
    A reflex action.
    A world dopplegangered.
    One twin clear and sure.
    The other rippled by winds of fate and chance.

  2. Thank you Kathleen (Dan the Man is headed my way), Pat, Kai, Andrew, and Gautami. Hope you are enjoying Mother Nature wherever ytou are.

    Gautami, happy to share. Best wishes.

  3. Very reflective poem. It made me think.

    BTW, thanks for the offer for tips for publishing. I will contact you via email.

  4. for some reason wordpress had me on a spam list and all my comments were disabled.
    hope this works now that i set up an account 🙂

    this is simply wonderful, don!

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