Shall We Dare

free verse, Metaphysical, Spiritual

Shall we dare
linger one more moment
and let the warm morning sun
fill us with peace and comfort?

Shall we dare
lie perfectly still and listen
to the rhythmic beating
of our hearts resting in love?

Shall we dare
forgive ourselves for what
we so much more easily
can forgive another?

Shall we dare
stray from the known path
and explore one not known
during our daily walk through life?

Shall we dare
grant another blessings
that we ourselves
cannot possess?

Shall we dare
accept what we always questioned
and question
what we have always accepted?

Dare we shall
all this, and more
and in so doing
allow the life we love to appear.

14 thoughts on “Shall We Dare

  1. Aurora, thank you. By all means, share the poem with your friend. Hope things are well with you, and your friend.

    Kathleen, thank you. It’s funny how words just come to you. Often just the words you need. No risk taken when the words are right.

  2. I just read a friend’s poem about anxiety. This is the perfect answer to his. I’m going to pass on the link to this, if you don’t mind, Don.

  3. Floots, thanks so much. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Nice sunny, but cool, spring morning here in Cleveland, Ohio.

  4. i’m more than happy to keep listening to the beating of my heart
    (even more so in duet) 🙂
    another thought-provoking piece

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