Of Things We Remember When We Grow Older


I pretended
when I was a kid
growing up in Martins Ferry
and sadly, I still do

About what you ask
do I pretend?
Like we both don’t know
life is simply livable
yet desperately unknowable

I used to struggle
with half-truths and other semblances
of things that aren’t things at all
just experiences we can only live

Somehow I veered off the path
I thought I should be on
Only to find
Paths are not what life is about

Why aren’t we more confident?
Willing to accept and expect
there is nothing deeper
than what we can grasp in this moment

Some say we deserve more
Like we are God’s chosen people
Who am I to argue with you?
Let alone God

We let things slip
Older we get
Most not necessarily bad
Like the time you remembered
Hugging a cousin on her seventh birthday
She kissed you on the mouth
You wished she wasn’t your cousin

I saw you at the Antler Bar–
That place men only talked to men
About things when they grow older
They wish they’d told their mothers