On a Snowy Sunday Morning

Don Iannone, snow poem, snowflake poem, spiritual poem

Early Sunday morning, snow fell upon my world
Around and around it tumbled, oh how it swirled
Blinded by its beauty, its virgin whiteness ever brightened
An otherwise drab morning, I felt so full, so enlightened

Snowflakes are so different, like people I’ve come to know
Watching them dance together, spurs my love for them to grow
Even the lovely cardinals, upon the white blanket they sit
And cast tiny shadows, the hazy sun has lit

How could I not feel happy, utter Sagitarian glee
Snowflakes awaken my spirit, my sleeping soul set free
Amidst this snowy silence, God speaks just to me
Reminding me where is Heaven, that bluejay in the tree

Fort Lamar

Don Iannone, james island south carolina, poem about civil war, poem about fort lamar, poem about the battle of secessionville

Trees now grow where soldiers fought
Many died, more than we thought
Outnumbered Confederates, nearly three to one
Turned back Union forces, on their way to Charleston

Hallowed ground, fettered spirits still remain
Things the mind cannot explain
Yet in our hearts, their fear we surely know
Dying, not something anyone can forgo

Fort Lamar, the Battle of Secessionville
One fateful day, such a powerful clash of will
Hand to hand combat fought with pride
Brutal deaths, so many died

Towering oaks, yaupon hollies
Cover now the sins of war, its follies
Bay berries, pines now abound
The silence so loud, so profound

The Civil War over for most
Yet memories linger, some wretched ghost
A gentle breeze between the trees
The cries and whispers, only the heart does seize

Click here to see some photographs of the Fort Lamar Historical Preserve

Ines Langs’ Has a New Book


A German poet and photographer friend, Ines Langs, has a new poetry book. The book is about 50% German and 50% English. Here are two of her English poems to tantalize you.

Love Torture

Oh what a torture love can be
taken and given
by all the spirits
of heaven and hell
choking on a yell
laughing and crying
living and dying
in sweet pain and ecstasy

Copyright Ines Langs, March 29, 2007


I only need a soft breeze to lift me up into the skies

Softly I came down to rest,
lying still now for a while.
When the sun is turning West,
you can see me softly smile.

Morning sun will wake me up
with his tender loving kiss.
And a breeze will lift me up,
lets me fly again in bliss.

(Copyright Ines Langs, October 26, 2008)

Here is the information to buy a copy.

“Poesie ist Licht und Dunkel”
by Ines Langs
ISBN 978-3-8370-7692-9
available for order in every bookstore and online:
Click here to order online (sorry, only in German)

(title translation: Poetry is Light and Dark)

The book contains a collection of my poems from 1997 to 2008, poems in English as well as in German, and some fitting images.