The World

not outside you
separate from you
without shape
black and white
one thing
always the same
none of these things

the world is
exactly you
in all your completeness, and incompleteness
where any breath takes you
a morphing rainbow
crowning life’s incredible waterfall
where you drink everyday

Hopin’ My Life Will Suddenly Change

early morning hour
sittin’ all alone
with my dreams
watchin’, waitin’, hopin’
my life will suddenly change

too early for first sunlight
to brighten up my day
too late for early evening rain
to wash away all my sorrows
sittin’, waitin’, hopin’ my life will suddenly change

too young to know the difference
between walkin’ and ridin’ on the train
either way, life ain’t goin’ my way
burnin’ midnight oil
dreamin’ just once my life will change

hours, days, years
been a wastin’
sittin’ all alone
these early morning hours
hopin’ my life will suddenly change

Note: I wrote this poem between my junior
and senior years in high school. That would be 1968.
If your counting, that would be 40 years ago!
This is another song lyrics poem.