Overcast Friday

Don Iannone, Introspective Poetry

Overcast spring day
Clouds overhead
Blocking the sun
No telling how long they’ll stay

Clouds hovering inside
Those we wish to hide
Hoping for a breeze
To blow them all away

Suddenly a gust of wind
No budging the clouds
Rain soon on its way
Clouds and tears today

No sadness
Just a longing
Short passing feeling
Gray Friday, what can I say

Hopin’ My Life Will Suddenly Change


early morning hour
sittin’ all alone
with my dreams
watchin’, waitin’, hopin’
my life will suddenly change

too early for first sunlight
to brighten up my day
too late for early evening rain
to wash away all my sorrows
sittin’, waitin’, hopin’ my life will suddenly change

too young to know the difference
between walkin’ and ridin’ on the train
either way, life ain’t goin’ my way
burnin’ midnight oil
dreamin’ just once my life will change

hours, days, years
been a wastin’
sittin’ all alone
these early morning hours
hopin’ my life will suddenly change

Note: I wrote this poem between my junior
and senior years in high school. That would be 1968.
If your counting, that would be 40 years ago!
This is another song lyrics poem.

To Mary

Love Poem, romantic poem

How does one say I love you?
Your eyes stare holes into my soul
The type never can be filled
Oceans of passion all about me, but
These openings will always remain

One is never the same
Once looked at that way
The way you first looked at me
Always something will be missing
Something only you bring me

The bob of your ponytail
Your sweet shy smile
How you held yourself
Now how you hold onto me
Stirrings from when we first met

You knew yourself, still do
Not necessarily with words, but
Always in how you look, those eyes
Searching, and bringing you into focus
Still, a mystery is about you

Have I said it…that I love you?
Tonight let’s sit together
In a dark corner of the bar
Sip martinis, play footsie
And let our hearts pound against each other

Your Place

Don Iannone, Poem about Psychological Space

there is a region–
a place, you tend to live
dwell daily
where you find yourself
when the phone rings unexpectedly

even between heartbeats
you live there
because that’s all you know
that’s all you are
so long as you’re there

you don’t have to find your place
it finds you
when you least suspect it
when you don’t try
it knows you better than you know yourself

you slip into it
like a foot into a shoe
like a restless thought
passing through your mind
like a camera lens capturing a picture

you assume it’s reality–
this place where you live
it assumes nothing
because it knows you
better than you know yourself

Tufted Titmouse

Bird Poem, Don Iannone

small, gray, spiked hairdo
overflowing with song
sweet as candy cane
prominent black eyes
lumps of anthracite coal

no flocks for this chickadee
always in pairs, or alone
fussy scolding voice
when perturbed by a mate
otherwise chipper and cheerful

this morning a pair pecks
nibbles seed in the back feeder
selective in their tastes
given it’s spring
most likely babies in the nest

An Invitation to Dance

Poem about Dancing with Life, Poem about Living

Last night, I slept
with the moon and stars at my back
Awoke with daybreak begging
for an invitation to waltz

Dancing is in my bones
Deeper than the south
and all the world’s confederate soldiers–
those salmon swimming against the current

Dreams, terrible parabolic manifestations
Before their time, found me, washing me overboard
like a tremendous tidal wave
rushing past all resistance

Plunging me into the deepest place
a soul can imagine, yet survive
Deeper even than the baritone monks
singing aside the glassy pool, reflecting our existence

Some things are easy
Integrating the confederacy within us is not
Nor is the dance of 1,000 years
Once accepted, ends all invitations

Why They Argue

Poem about Growing Old

They argued, firing ugly words back and forth
Just their pain talking–
The pain of staying alive
Of knowing they’re closer to death than life

Picking scabs from old wounds
Making them bleed
Blood is life
Why not make yourself bleed

Growing old isn’t easy
Everything you thought you were falls apart
They bicker because they’re falling apart —
Cell by cell, breath by breath

Sometimes breathing is even too hard
Eventually the arguing stops
That’s when you know–
The end is near

To the Doves

Poem about birds

Lady birds of peace
whose broad eliptical wings gather hope
as they flutter helplessly
in love with the morning sunlight

You saunter, for no particular reason
through the delicate wildflowers
spraying a blaze of color
at the forest’s edge

To that special point you float, and
sit in loyal courtship
with the one you adore, and
hold forever in your gentle heart

Your near haunting coo lingers
like the morning mist drifting afar
then igniting replies
from others perched high

With the many you gather
but always you sit
in that special place
with just one

When Summer Mornings Lasted Forever

Poem about Childhood Summer Mornings

Remember when we were young?
Little boys, getting up with the sun
Summer mornings lasted forever
Much longer than now

Everything was fresh, alive back then
Even through the bitter factory smoke
the air was sweet, exhilarating
Some days, intoxicating

It took less to be happy back then
On those warm summer mornings, inching
through our lives, like
the cold slimy slugs crawling across the sidewalk

You didn’t worry about dying back then
You had too much to live for
Besides, nighttime was so far away
on those warm summer mornings lasting forever

Journey to the Heart

Spiritual Poetry

Wonderful, long-held secrets abound in your heart
They patiently await you
Open the door
Enter with honesty, and
trust whatever that honesty brings

Discover, unwrap
the many unopened presents
awaiting you at your heart’s door
Take them inside
Open them
Allow the love they contain to grow

Rediscover the many gifts of love
that have filled your heart
throughout your lifetime
Revel in their beauty
Live in their promise
that once a gift of love has been given
It is always with you

Love is what we all come back to
For some of us, it has taken longer
to realize that love is
what we really are

For some of us
our entire journey in life
has been about discovering the secrets
that lie buried deep in the cave of our hearts

It’s not a long journey, really
when you’re ready
The heart requires no reservations
to visit what it holds
Getting there can be as simple as
floating on a lotus blossom
on the still waters of your soul