Train Whistle in the Fog

Off in the distance
a haunting train whistle blows
in the sullen early morning fog
that sat the night
and now blankets the slow rising sun

The train whistle, this foggy morning
hovers in that place inside–
that place holding your deepest loneliness
That place hope surrenders
That place you go–
when real tears fall

Listen to what haunts you
Hear its voice, know its name
For it will call again
It will find you as you sleep
like that haunting train whistle
breaking the early morning fog

Warriors of the Light

Each of us, in our own way
gives light to the world
Each of us, in the way we know
fights for what is right

Some carry torches
Others raise the flag
Some prefer sitting quietly, praying
Some write poetry, enlightening themselves
and possibly others

We are crusaders for truth
justice, freedom, and so much more
We are, in our own unique ways–
warriors of the light
shining within and through us

Let your light shine
May it iluminate your path
and that of others
that all may find their way

Give Me the Reality I Want!

Reality, neither good nor bad
It just is
Don’t like the suit it’s wearing this morning?
Learn to care less about suits
Sounds harsh, I know
But it’s true

Like you, my wants are the lens
through which I see the world
I want this, don’t want that
I want to feel this, not that
Don’t like the hand reality dealt you?
Don’t play cards

Words Helplessly Pointing to Reality

Party favors, our crazy ideas about the universe
Those philosophical rants, just frightened dogs barking at the moon
Elaborate belief systems, mere nimbus clouds
hovering over head, blocking reality

So much of our lives, trying to figure out truth fragments
Nothing more than faint meteor showers
against an ever-changing night sky
So much explanation for things just passing by

Hard not to get carried away
Educated minds are supposed to
Minds have a proclivity for just that–
Exaggeration, exacerbation, and exaltation

Some times I just can’t help it
All the nonsense gets the best of me
Makes you wish for a heavy snow
silencing the lies, mumbo jumbo, and sheer bull

When Will We Ever Learn?

What’s it gonna take
to stop all the fighting?
To end all the killing
Taking lives not ours
When will we ever learn?

Is it a hopeless situation?
One lost, beyond our control?
So many unanswered questions
So many answers…
we do not appreciate

Look around
What do you see?
So many dead bodies
So much lost ’cause of war
When will we ever learn?

If you read the papers
you know what I’m taking about
You’ve seen all the pictures
The nightmares keep you awake
When will we ever learn?

Maybe if we had a conversation
Talked about what matters
Listened to each other’s heartbeats
Maybe then we’d stop all the killing
Maybe then we’d appreciate

The Winds of Time

The winds of time blow over us
Taking with it everything
it ever gave us, and more
All the hopes, dreams, promises
Those lived, those unborn

And the years, they fly by
like loose sheet music in the wind
Many songs sung, even more unwritten
All eventually blown away–
helpless autumn leaves making way for winter

No use holding on to anything
Let it go…all of it
Can’t stop the wind
Its bitter sting in winter
Its comforting touch in summer

It’s not ours. None of it
Much easier that way
No keeping after anything
Not even the fire warming us, and
certainly not the inevitable wind

Donna Jean

You there, lurking in the shadows
Thought I didn’t see you, but I did
I’d know your golden locks anywhere
Even in the half light of a winter moon
I’d know you

Fifty-seven years seems such a long time
Is it the same for you?
I picture you–
Still holding me
Like in the old photograph

You left me
I never got the chance to tell you
just how I felt about you
The stories about you
still float through my head

They said you were special
You knew things–
Things no four-year girl should know
They said you loved me
You couldn’t get enough of me

I’m always glad you’re there
but you can go now
You don’t have to stay here
Not for me any longer–
Unless you want to