On the Occasion of the Eastern Star’s 2007 Pie Sale

Dedicated Poems, Eastern Star Poem, Rhyming Poetry

We love our pies
Fried with butter
Hear their cries
Our hearts aflutter

Make them, sell them
Give ‘em to your mutter
Not a one, can we condemn
Better than bread and butter

Dutch apple, cherry
Raspberry, coconut cream
Take a bite, please don’t tarry
See your smile, face all abeam

Each a favorite, to someone
Pick a pie that speaks to you
Buy that apple for your son
Send that blueberry to Katmandu

Eastern Star, since 1958
Those pies they bake
We can appreciate
Buy one now, for our sake

Written for Della Murphy and her
Eastern Star chapter, Lexington, OK.

10 thoughts on “On the Occasion of the Eastern Star’s 2007 Pie Sale

  1. Now I want pie. 🙂

    Light-hearted poem, Don. By the way, I finished Bottled Butterfly last night. You and your wife were right – it’s good! I’m now going to lend it out to a few people.

  2. Floots: This poem was requested by this woman, Della, who wanted something to read at an honoring event for Eastern Star woman she works with. She wanted something light and funny. Pie does sound good though!!

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