Eyes Closed Waiting

Old man, your eyes closed
you sit, staring nowhere
Open your eyes, see
what you are missing

That sad song, you hum
under your breath
brings rain, but
also too many tears

Old man, your eyes closed
you sit, staring nowhere
Don’t sit so still
for death will find you, and

across your lips, will write
all those silent words
only Grandmother Moon understands
Stop now, don’t follow her

to that place
where all shadows end
Our hearts still love you
Stop now, open your eyes

Finding Everything in a Fall Moment

Before snow falls
I shall walk barefoot
upon nature’s pastel carpet
of fresh fallen autumn leaves

Just the right place will appear
to park my tired bones, and
soak in fall’s magic
hugging me tenderly
as only a grandmother can

And, before sun sets, just
beyond the faded old barn
I will smile, in warm adoration of life

And once the sun sets
and the moon rises full
I will say in complete satisfaction
I have truly lived

Life’s Paradigm Shifts

Life changes sometimes, in major ways
Those markedly different, than what we know
Ways resembling tectonic plate shifts
building, unseen, over time

Paradigmatic changes: destroying old foundations
creating new ones, undergirding our being
Changes taking us back, to our essence
To the beginning seed, we didn’t know we were

Suddenly, there we find ourselves
like a new seashell, washed ashore
to be collected and transported, or
left as material for tomorrow’s beach

Easy answers escape us at these times
All questions new, too unformed for our lips
But one thing for certain
change is, and change we are

When Truth Inhabits Us

When we least expect it
truth appears, like a ghost
haunting us, helping us know
what eyes can’t see
but stirs the heart in deep places

Your truth, my truth
likely different experiences, yet
the ghost comes to each of us
faceless, formless, whispering
as the moon speaks to a wave

In its direction
we rise and fall with its tide
Sometimes washing over us
Always cleansing us

Hanging in there, but for what?

Give up, life ends
Hold on, life lingers with you
like an extra breath
you never knew you had

Like daylight savings time
you get more time to shine
Forget who you are, and
everything you lived for totals nothing

Swim to the ocean’s bottom
There you start over
like the sun every day, and
like each evaporating moment

Then, there is the time in between, when
nothing before or after
can free you, like
you can free yourself

Meeting Pleiades

So distant, high above, you seem
but your voice, clear, without words
Incessant light, whispering through me
No escaping you, now
that you fill me

In the early morning darkness
I glimpse you, and
for the first time, see
my face written in the stars
Not the face of a man, but destiny

No longer, can I think of myself
Those thoughts, hopeless
as an imagined oasis in the desert
But as my eyes meet the Heavens
you plant unity in my soil

And in one voice with many, I hear
Kimah, Al-Thurayya, Mao
Kartikeya, Hoki Boshi, Tianquiztli
fluttering in the wings
of a flock of awakening doves

Finding Our Way

Sometimes we find ourselves, lost
on roads, carrying us places
we never intended to go
Lost, not because of the road
but because our feet
always obedient to our inner compass
follow directions given them

At times, what we want leads us astray
carrying us in directions never intended
yet places reflecting, what we desired
thought we wanted
hoped for deeply
These times continue, until
the right compass is born inside us

Then, new bearings take root
New directions emerge
Right roads appear
And then, no matter where we are
what we pursue
where we walk
Happiness greets us